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The Importance of Marketing Your Book

Cassandra V. Fulwood

Importance of marketing your book Marketing and promoting your book is just as important as writing and publishing it. Without it, your book is in the universe with not many people being aware. The title is catchy and interesting. The cover is stunning. Your book is intriguing and captivating. Yet with all that in place, you may experience limited results. In order to garner a good following of readers, you must market your book sooner rather than later. Reaping the benefits of marketing takes time. You have numerous options on how to get your book before the eyes of readers and ultimately into their hands. • Use social media • Create an author webpage • Join Goodreads • Create an Amazon page • Contact your local bookstore about an on-site or virtual author event • Sell merch • Be a guest on a podcast • And many others Proper marketing not only focuses on the book but on your personal branding as an author also. Readers like to connect to authors. Mastering your personal brand can communicate relatability to your prospective readers and possibly create a fan base. Marketing isn’t a matter of “if,” but “when.” Start early. #CTP #marketing #marketingdigital #marketingtips #marketingstrategy #marketingonline #Pubtip #Selfpub #Bookpub #dailyReads #Publish #Published #Publishing #authorlifestyle #authorCommunity #authorgram #DebutBook #AspiringWriter #NovelWriter #booklaunch #bookbuzz #newbook #bookclub S


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