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Keys to Successful Publishing

Cassandra V. Fulwood

Keys to Successful Publishing Key 1: Writing Putting in the work to write a book is not necessarily easy. Key 2: Book Editing There are a different types of editing and each serves a unique purpose for a manuscript. Editing is a must. Key 3: Book Design The interior and book cover designs are the two main steps in the book design process. Key 4: Book Metadata Book metadata consists of all the information that describes your book, including your title, subtitle, price, trim size, author name, book description, and more. Key 5: Publishing Choose Cassy’s Touch Publisher. Key 6: Distribution Cassy’s Touch Publishing makes your title available to 40,000+ retailers, libraries, schools, and e-commerce companies including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more globally. Key 7: Marketing We suggest that you begin thinking about your marketing strategy during the writing process. Key 8: Join the Self-Publishing Community Find like-minded people who want to see you succeed. Share your work with them and ask for feedback along the way. #CTP #CassysTouch #PubTip #SelfPublishing #SelfPub #GetPublished #Publishing #bookworm #reader #BookAddict #bestseller #bookaholic #bookblogger #bookcover #bookMarketing #writing #MustRead #AmWriting


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